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Regional Assembly 2011

DSC02707This year’s Regional Assembly was doubly significant because of the presence of Sr. Therezinha Johanna Rasera, SDS, general superior, and one of the general councilors, Sr. Rani Fernanado, SDS.

The theme of the Regional Assembly 2011 was: Unified Growth Towards Sustainability of our Salvatorian Life and Mission. It was held at the Lebanon Shelter Conference Room, Divine Savior Convent New Manila, Quezon City on February 17-19, 2011.

reg assembly 2011The assembly officially began with an opening liturgy prepared by Cebu community. Sr. Irma Caumeran, regional superior, formally welcomed the sisters. Sr. Therezinha addressed the sisters with an inspiring and profound message. She shared her reflection on “Salvatorian Identity: Mystic & Prophetic Foundation-The Way of Assuming & Deepening the Process of Personal Conversion. Touching the core of Salvatorian Identity and Spirituality, “which is a call to a specific care for Life with regard to the challenges and the possibilities that the world presents today.” She went further to point out the Salvatorian gift, an experience of identity. The Spiritual Diary of Fr. Jordan in its richness becomes a spring where we Salvatorians drink to return to our identity. To drink from this original inspiration is to enter into this knowledge in an existential way-not only as study but as experience that moves our lives holistically.

reg assemlySr. Therezinha, likewise explored the elements of the eternity of life and knowing the true God in Fr. Jordan’s Spiritual Diary. His experience of this God and His will for him especially revealed while in Holy Land sprung forth these Johanine passage, “this is eternal life: to know you the One true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” became the defining experience of the identity of the Salvatorians. She further exclaimed “that identity is not so much of an external characteristic but a more existential and deeper experience coming from the Charism, inspiring us in a specific way from within from our mystic experiences.” Finally, she ended with challenges on how to live the Salvatorian values today.

regionThe different communities shared about their life and mission each in its own context. It was quite enriching for all who attentively listened to the reports. Each day, there was a member of the council to facilitate the flow of activities for the day. It was worth- noting how each individual sister participated actively in the sharing, discussions, and group work.

DSC02742The celebration of the Holy Eucharist at midday captured the essence of what the whole summary of the assembly is all about as each one tried to portray and express- JESUS, AS THE CENTER OF OUR LIFE continue to sustain us as we grow together toward achieving this sustainability in our Salvatorian life and mission. GOD, in His mercy bless us all!